Stefi Case Studies

BICISO tests

We should test an outgoing 421 message, but cannot create the environment to produce one. We can only produce 420 message.
We produce the 420 message, keep it in the SAF, update the SAF record with Stefi (overwrite "420" to "421"), then let the transaction go on.

Stress test

During a stress test we would like to see what transaction response times the system will produce on high transaction/sec levels.
With Stefi's PTLF/TLF viewer the response times are calculated for every record and it is easy to position to the end of the log files to see the latest transactions.

System slow down

For any reason the POS segment is slowed down. Prognosis is also slowed down, GGS replicator also. You have to take a look at the latest PTLF transactions. With Stefi it is easy, you will see the very last transactions, with no delay.

Mastercard EMV TIP certification

With Stefi’s Token Browser you receive detailed information about the EMV tags.
During the TIP certification process it appeared that the Card sends different 9F33 tag (Terminal Capabilities) info towards the terminal (E8F8C8) and towards the MC simulator (E0F0C0). The second value comes from a PTD field, that could be easily changed if we already had B24 V10. But we had still V6, that has no support for this.
We used Stefi to update this PTD field, as a Hexa field.

PTLF cutoff failure

Some records are missing from the PTLF Extract, because the PTLF was not closed on time, transactions was added after the Extract generation.
Create a temporary PTLF file and copy the missing transactions from the lately closed PTLF into this temporary one. This copy can be made with Stefi, defining a filter for the TimeStamp (DAT-TIM) field. An Extract can be produced from this temporary PTLF.

EMV enhancement for ATM AMEX transactions

To support business decision we should be able to say the percentage of EMV transactions regarding the acquiring AMEX ATM transactions.
The terminals are all EMV capable, Track2 is not present in the TLF. The B4 token's LAST-EMV-STAT field can be used to select the EMV transactions. With Stefi we can make a filter to count only those transactions that has a specific LAST-EMV-STAT value in the B4 token.