One of our Software products is Stefi, that is a client server application to browse and update NonStop files or transfer/migrate them to Oracle/MS-Sql tables .

It uses DES/3DES encryption for data transfer, ensuring security and supporting PCI-DSS compliance.

It can be evaluated from two perspectives,
- for a BASE24 user it is a GUI for BASE24 files with great details,
- for a HP NonStop server (Tandem) user, it is a general Windows client to Browse and Edit Enscribe files and SQL/MP tables (with integrated, "on-the-fly" DDL conversion
for Enscribe files) :

1. Stefi for BASE24

It can be useful for: Developers, Testers, Operation Staff, Analysts, Data miners, Report makers

It can be useful in the following situations:
Some Case Studies can be found here. 

First of all, it is a next level Log File Perusal Tool for PTLF, TLF, ILF, PTLF&TLF Extracts:


Main featerus are as follows:

  •  User-friendly GUI to easily browse the transactions
  •  Personal tailoring of displaying/ordering the fields
  •  Detailed tx. Response Time data is computed
  •  Enhanced server side filtering for all the fields,
     with regular expression support
  •  Special filtering for Tokens:
    • Is a given Token present ?
    • Does it contain specific data?
  •  Modern Token-Browser
  •  Enhanced Chip Token recognition
  •  Integrate transaction data into MS-Office applications
  •  Copy transactions into ORACLE or Ms-Sql for full Sql query
  •  Log file backups in Windows environment for online perusal of historical data
  •  Perusal of large batch of Log Files
  •  Sequential and Key-based perusal
In PTLF/TLF/ILF files certain codes have also their description: You only have to move the mouse pointer on the code to see the description

Some example of the codes that have the descriptions:

- POS/ATM/VISA/MasterCard/BicIso Response codes
- Transaction code (T-Cde)
- Message type (Typ)
- Transaction originator (ORIGINATOR)
- Transaction responder (RESPONDER)
- Point of Service Condition Code (PT-SRV-COND-CDE)
- Point of Service Entry Mode (PT-SRV-ENTRY-MDE)
- Merchant Category Code (RETL-SIC-CDE)

It is also a great tool for other BASE24 files:

BASE24-eps considerations:

Eps can generate P/TLF Extracts in classic format, this can be perused with Stefi
Direct Journal Perusal not yet supported (we are looking for cooperating partner who already has eps Journal)
They can be browsed, record structure definitions can be got from Data Access Layer definitions

The Windows/Linux servers are written in C++, that can be ported to other platforms BASE24-eps is running on.

2. Stefi for Hp NonStop server users:

What is it all about?

Main features are as follows:

Diagram summary of software components

Addional information
Presentation Slide Show
Videos, demonstrating some of the functions. Basic Functions
Using a File Set
Copy To Excel
Windows help file Windows help file (5.2)

Netti is another version of the above software that can be used from a Web browser.

GetTandemFile is a smart command line program, copying Tandem Sql/Enscribe files directly into Oracle or Ms-Sql table, Ms Excel, html or simple text file.
The copy destination can also be another Tandem file.
It uses the same server on the Tandem side as Stefi, accepting its record-structure definitions, Enscribe/Sql filters.
It can be also used as a CGI script, to send the html output directly into the Web Browser.

LF Copy is a client/server technology for BASE24 (P)TLF mirroring/replicating into Windows/Tandem destinations
It is a cost-effective way to replicate your transaction data with an open interface to support your special destination database management systems.
It uses the same server on the Tandem side as Stefi.

The Tandem destination will replicate the transactions into Enscribe files.

The Windows side database management is handled through an open API, so you can adjust the available destination modules to your own needs, or you can develop your owns.

Currently the following destinations are supported through the Windows platform:

- Microsoft Sql Server tables
- SAS system tables
- txt files (for demo purposes)

The SAS System interface can be useful if you would like to use the SAS Fraud Prevention & Detection solution.

There is an offline development environment to develop database plugins for LF Copy without a Tandem connection. Instead of getting the BASE24 transaction data from a Tandem, the data are read from local PC files. There is real data for two days (Day1 and Day2), they are linked after each other, so there is a real time environment and we can test our plugins for long time of periods. The systems behaves as if the data were read from a Tandem, LF Copy itself does not know where the data comes from, he is simply instructed to use a special dll instead of the normal one.
The plugin development can be done with Borland Delphi. Source code of working plugins and a template with comments help the development.