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Audit Profit Ltd. is a Hungarian company, in the heart of Europe. The headquarters is located in Budapest, in the capital of this nice country.

Audit-profit's primary role is to be an IT consultant and IT development company. One area is the HP NonStop server platform and ACI's BASE24 system. Our goal is to support the user-friendly access to NonStop server files.

The character-based terminals has advantages but we think there must be an alternative way to get access to the server. A user-friendly GUI can be a great help when we need easy and efficient tool to browse and edit the data.  If we have only a Web Browser it is still desirable to be able to browse those files. It is also a regular need to be able to import this data into the Windows environment especially into Ms-Office applications.

With the BASE24 files it is also a challenge that they have quite a complex record structure and records can have different structure in one single file. And there are the tokens in the transaction log files, that contains important data but are difficult to display a user-friendly way. We think that transaction log file perusal must have an extra support. That's why we focus on this area and the log files can be queried not only on the NonStop server but can be moved into the windows environment in such a format that maintains every detail of the transactions and large batch of daily logs can be heavily used without disturbing the production system. We also support replicating log file transactions into database management systems.

These are the main areas we focused on when created our client server application set and we believe our products can really take up the challenge.

There are other areas we provide consultancy. Audit Profit Ltd. has experience supporting MasterCard and Visa Clearing, managing the outgoing/incoming processing and Dispute Management.

The Company has also book-keeping and audit services. This service is also provided for years with great experience. We are the auditor for several Hungarian firms and for subsidiaries of international companies.

Our mission is to provide a support that really ease your work.

Company Address:

Audit Profit Ltd. 
Bajza u. 3.
1204 Hungary

Main partner:
Sia Central Europe Zrt.

Contact information:

Mail: mail@audit-profit.hu
Web: www.audit-profit.hu
Tel/Fax: 36-1-283-6735